Coming Fall, 2014

Ahoy, gamers! It's been awhile since we've had an update but be assured that Shining Empire is being worked on daily! Unfortunately, it looks like we're not going to hit our target date for a summer beta, but we are working to get it out as soon as possible. Hopefully within a few months! The game turned out to be much bigger than I anticipated and I'm trying to cram as many features in as possible.

Also, note that had some kind of database corruption and I can no loger post updates on there. In fact, I can't even login anymore! My email address was deleted from the system, and apparently there's nothing that can be done about it. As we get closer to the beta we'll get a blog going over here where we can give updates.

Fortunately, I can retrieve all contributor records through amazon payments, but it's still pretty inconvenient. Also, we've got a Shining Empire prequel in the works (as I mentioned) which will be free for all contributors. It's coming along GREAT and it's going to be in 3D. This is another reason why Shining Empire has been delayed. We're working to do the same with it. It's still going to have a retro 2D look but it will physically be in 3D. This actually makes the game run faster and allows us to to a lot more visually.

Stay tuned to this page. We'll have more updates soon!

Arcade County, 8/14/2014